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what is title insurance


Buyers need to know more about title insurance before they get to the closing table. Instead of waiting for them to ask at the closing table, introduce your company and our industry early in the transaction by answering these questions.

Q What is title insurance?

If you’re buying a home, title insurance is a policy that protects your investment and property rights. An owner’s policy protects your property rights for as long as you or your heirs own the home.

Q What is title?

Title is your ownership right in your property. Once you pay the purchase price and receive your deed to the property, you own the land and the residence built on it or the condominium unit if you purchase a condominium. Once you own your property, no one has the right to make legal claims against your property.

Q What if someone makes a legal claim to my property?

If you have title insurance and a situation arises that is covered under your policy, the title insurance company will hire an attorney on your behalf and pay all attorney’s fees and court costs to defend your property rights.

If you do not have title insurance, you will need to defend the claim out of your own pocket. If the other person wins, you may have to pay off the lien to get your title back or let the person use the property if that’s what the court rules. These prior claims can arise from various situations such as: forgery in prior transactions, clerical errors in recorded documents, tax or other liens recorded before your deed was recorded, and easements which may not be recorded but were known by the person who sold you the property, to name a few.

Q Why should I purchase owner’s title insurance?

Before you get to the closing table, your title company will review past documents and search public records to uncover possible problems or defects. With a one-time payment, your owner’s policy will protect your property rights and provide you with peace of mind for as long as you own your home.

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