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For Sale By Owner

Meeting the title needs of For Sale by Owner buyers and sellers…

At Assure America Title Company, we know some home sellers and buyers prefer to buy or sell homes without the involvement of a real estate broker or realtor and with a potential savings of thousands of dollars. 

Assure America Title Company will be happy to help you sell or purchase your home or other property “by owner.” We will also put your mind at ease by acting as your escrow agent, holding the contract deposit in an escrow account.

Assure America Title Company will prepare all documents required for the transaction along with providing all necessary title insurance services and meeting all Florida title insurance standards. We keep you from being overwhelmed by the countless details of selling and buying your own property, because we put all the pieces together for you. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much money you’ll save at the closing end of the deal for your “for sale by owner” transaction.

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