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Reverse Mortgage Closing Service

If your are considering a Reverse Mortgage…You’ll also need to choose a Title Company to close your Reverse Mortgage.

We are a reverse mortgage closing service that can coordinate your entire reverse mortgage closing.

Why you will need to choose a title company

  1. Your reverse mortgage lender will require you to purchase a lenders title insurance policy insuring the title of the property
  2. Your reverse mortgage lender will typically suggest you choose a title company
  3. As the title company we are the ones you’ll meet with to sign all the paperwork at closing so it is just as important that you are comfortable with your title company as you are with your lender.

Good News…If you are applying for a Reverse Mortgage on your property and you were asked to pay for a lenders title insurance policy then it’s important you know, it’s your choice to choose the title company.

There is a way to reduce your title insurance rate:

Obtain what is called “title re-issue rate” 

By completing our title insurance quote request form you will quickly receive a quote at the best possible rate you may be eligible for. Our Reverse mortgage service quote will cover all closing costs and also include any and all taxes that you may be required to pay. Click the following link to obtain your quote now.

Assure America Title Company will work with your lender to prepare all documents required for the transaction along with providing all necessary title insurance services and meeting all Florida title insurance standards. We keep you informed of all the details of the reverse mortgage. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much money you’ll save for your transaction.

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