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Purchasing A Residence

A title company provides a variety of services to facilitate the purchase of a home. One of the primary services is conducting a title search to ensure that the property title is clear and free of any liens, encumbrances, or other issues that could affect the sale. Learn More...

Selling a Residence

Title services performed for a home seller typically include a thorough title search, that can be done in advance for verification of a clear title, preparation of necessary documents, coordination of the closing process, and disbursement of funds. Learn More...

Refinancing a Mortgage

Title services performed for a refinance typically involve conducting a title search to ensure a clear title, reviewing any existing liens or encumbrances, preparing necessary documents, coordinating with the lender and other parties involved, and facilitating the transfer of funds to pay off the existing mortgage. Learn more...

Why Choose Assure America Title Company for your next Closing!


As a Florida title company, establishing exceptional communication stands as a cornerstone for success. Indeed, effective dialogue with clients, lenders, real estate agents, and other integral parties in the transaction proves vital. This ensures a seamless and prompt closing process. Furthermore, by prioritizing clear and continuous communication, our Florida title company not only meets but exceeds expectations, facilitating a smooth transition from start to finish. Therefore, it's clear that our commitment to outstanding communication is essential in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions, making every step as efficient and stress-free as possible for all involved.

Trusted & Verified

As a title company, earning trust is paramount for establishing and nurturing a thriving business. Importantly, clients and other stakeholders in real estate transactions depend heavily on title services to deliver precise and dependable information regarding the property title. This ensures the transaction is executed both legally and ethically. Consequently, our commitment to integrity and reliability in providing title services not only builds confidence among our clients but also solidifies our reputation as a trustworthy partner in the real estate process. Moreover, by consistently offering accurate and ethical title services, we affirm our role as a crucial facilitator in the seamless completion of real estate transactions, thereby reinforcing the foundational trust required for long-term success in the industry.


Being well-informed is a crucial element in the success of a Florida title company. Initially, these companies take on the responsibility of performing thorough title searches, pinpointing any possible concerns or defects in the property title, and verifying that the title is clear prior to closing. Consequently, possessing a deep knowledge base is indispensable for delivering top-notch services. This, in turn, establishes a foundation of trust and credibility within the industry. Furthermore, for a Florida title company, this expertise not only enhances their ability to navigate complex title issues but also positions them as leaders in providing reliable and efficient title solutions. Therefore, the importance of being knowledgeable cannot be overstated in its role in ensuring the highest standards of service and reinforcing a strong reputation among clients and partners alike.


Although hospitality may not be the first attribute linked with title companies, its role in forging robust relationships with clients and other stakeholders in real estate transactions is undeniable. For a 'title company near me,' showcasing hospitality involves crafting a welcoming and amiable atmosphere for clients, ensuring communication is both clear and prompt, and exceeding expectations to fulfill their requirements comprehensively. Moreover, this approach not only elevates the client experience but also solidifies the company's reputation as a client-centered establishment. Additionally, by prioritizing such a warm and inclusive environment, a local title company can significantly differentiate itself, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, the significance of being hospitable, often overlooked, becomes a pivotal element in nurturing lasting connections and fostering a positive image in the community.

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A title company plays a crucial role in leading the closing process to ensure a smooth and successful closing. Click the link below to learn some of the ways a title company can facilitate the closing and settlement process…Since 2004, I have personally guided my clients towards significant savings on Real Estate Closing Costs, all while delivering exceptional service. 

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Client Testimonials

Closed on my house in delray and I have to say this was a such a seamless, and quick process. Deb and Trish helped me with all the correspondence and paperwork. I came in for my final closing and sat with Sandy who was so pleasant and had everything all prepared and copies in a folder for my records. Closings can be super emotional and stressful but the staff at assure made it super easy. I recommend them and will use them for sure on any future closings. thank you guys 🙂
Janet C
“As a Real Estate Broker, I consider myself the point person for any client who is buying or selling the most valuable item in their lifetime…their home. The most important aspects of my business are customer service and reputation. When I refer clients, I know they are going to be treated with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Their team maintains constant communication with all parties and are experts in handling every type of real estate closing, whether it’s a $25,000 short sale or $2.5 million home purchase. I never hesitate when selecting them and you should not either.”
Corey S
Real Estate Broker
“Talking about caring for the client....The loan had to close that day, the buyer had all of his moving inside a truck because he had to return his rental property. It was late in the afternoon and we were still waiting for the lender's package. They had their closing agent stay more then 5 hours on a Friday evening waiting until we get the docs from the lender in order to be able to close the sale in the same day. Their team were very detailed oriented and dedicated. Thank you for the service and going over and beyond for the client.”
Allan F
Real Estate Broker

Trusted Provider of Title Insurance, Escrow & Settlement Services in Florida

We will manage your closing from start to finish

Assure America Title Company’s services have been designed to meet the ever-changing needs of Homeowners, Banks, Lenders and Realtors ensuring that we offer: 

  • A knowledgeable Florida Licensed Title Agent is provided to every client who will guide you and manage the entire closing process.
  • Extraordinary Customer Service – Our licensed Florida title agent team is committed to providing you a Quality Title Service. Your experience with our title insurance company is our #1 priority.
  • A Local Knowledgeable Closer who will take their time and explain all the documents that are being signed.
  • A Personal Closing Coordinator to act as your one point of contact, ensuring that a status update is always a quick phone call away.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a quality & efficient closing title service and a Florida title insurance policy they can count on.

Quality Low-Cost Florida Title Company

We’ve Got You Covered…

  • Next Business Day available for title research & commitments
  • A Preliminary HUD-1 Closing Statement or Closing Disclosure is always provided well in advance of closing
  • Closing/signing are always at your convenience – Anytime! Anywhere!
  • Funds are available at closing or sent next day service via FedEx!
  • 24/7 Access – Client Web Portal so status and documents are always available to you

There are ways to reduce your closing costs.

Complete our Title Insurance Quote Request Form and we will quickly quote the best closing fees & title rate you are eligible for.

Always Remember: If you’re paying for Owners Title Insurance Policy in Florida, it’s your right to choose the Title Company.

Quality Title Insurance Services You Can Count On

Assure America Title Company prides itself on knowledge and performance.

Our staff and management understand all aspects of the industry, most importantly they understand the importance of closing a transaction on time and are prepared to close at a moment’s notice.

Our Knowledgeable Licensed Title Agents and retained Title Attorney have the necessary experience to cure the most complex title issues.

Our policy is to provide all of our clients with a Preliminary HUD-1 Closing Statement prior to closing to ensure that all title insurance service related fees/costs and state or county recording fees are disclosed upfront, this policy has earned us the trust of many top Real Estate Firms, Banks and Lending Institutions.

By shopping for title services, you can save money on your overall closing costs.

Approved & Vetted by 3 Major Title Insurance Underwriters

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Each month we contribute to the following organizations.

Miami Children’s Health Foundation benefiting Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

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Wounded Warrior Project


Thank you to our Customers & the Assure America Title Team, your support and effort allows us to contribute our monthly pledges. 

Anthony Crupi, President – Assure America Title Company

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