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Lenders Title Insurance

Need a quote on a Lenders Title Insurance Policy?

The best way to find out how much the lenders title insurance policy will cost is to get a lenders title insurance quote and compare what other lenders closing costs are associated with your closing. Typically, you will also pay for a title search and closing/settlement fee which covers the other costs like the “closer” (notary) or Attorney who explains and notarizes the mortgage package. lenders title insurance policy

It is important to know how to compare the lenders title insurance quote you receive. First, you want to make sure you are comparing the right line items. This is important because due to the new regulation in the lending industry they have decided to lump these fees together in 2 separate line items.

For a Refinance: When looking at your GFE that was provided to you by your mortgage professional, you should compare your title insurance quote to Section A line 4 of the GFE.

For a Purchase: When looking at your GFE that was provided to you by your mortgage professional you should compare your title insurance quote in two parts. First if you are responsible to pay for the title insurance this fee should be found in Section A Line 5. Then you would want to compare the other closing fees like lenders title costs and closing fees to Section A line 4.

Understanding this allows you to properly compare and save

What is a Re-issue Rate?

The re-issue rate is the rate charged if you can provide the title company with your prior owners title insurance policy.

What is Lenders Title Insurance for?

Lenders Title Insurance is used by lenders to protect them from any unknown issues that could arise after they make a loan on any real property. Lenders Title Insurance is required so you will need it, the good news is that if you have your prior owners policy you will be able to obtain what's called a re-issue credit.

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Thanks for going above and beyond to get this transaction done. You are by far the best title company that I have dealt with in the state. Rest assured, I will be using your services for all of my real estate transactions in the future.
Take Care, Bruce South Florida
Thanks for checking in. Everything went very well and smooth – you have a great team! Look forward to spending lots of time at our new home.
Thanks again - David Orlando, FL

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