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Commercial Title Insurance

Assure America Title Company offers title insurance, escrow, 1031 exchange services and Settlement Services through out the nation, offering a single point of contact regardless of size or complexity of the transaction.

The Facts

  • Ability to underwrite up to $500,000,000
  • Have a national presence that can handle multi-state state transactions
  • One single point of contact

Our clients choose us because of our expertise in the title search industry, we offer comprehensive searches to our clients during their due diligence period so that they have a great understanding of the property’s history prior to committing or finalizing a contract.

We can work with your 1031 exchange or provide the service to you, making sure all deadlines and requirements are met ensuring your tax benefit.

Our team of highly experienced commercial property underwriters through out the nation ensure our ability to close the most complex transaction. This also gives us the flexibility to be more cost effective then our competitors and provide a faster service when needing approvals to insure the subject property eliminating any and all delays with your closing.

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