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Buying Property At

What you should know when buying property at

When buying at you should invest in purchasing your own title and city lien searches. Below are words directly from their site...

"It is your responsibility to review the transaction details for each specific property to determine the type of title you will be receiving. We urge each bidder to conduct their own due diligence, to include researching the property’s title report and possible liens."

Mortgage Title Insurance Policy

Mortgage Title Insurance is used by lenders to protect them from any unknown issues that could arise after they make a loan on any real property. Mortgage Title Insurance is required so you will need it, the good news is that if you have your prior owners policy you will be able to obtain whats called a re-issue credit.

How to Avoid Foreclosure when Loan Modification Doesn't Work

Loan modification didnt work

Many of you have probably tried to modify your mortgage only to end up frustrated because your bank gave you a modification that although made sense for them but didn’t work for you. You've even probably heard where the bank actually offered a homeowner(s) a loan modification that actually increased their monthly mortgage payment. This typically happens because they add the missed mortgage payments to the backend of the loan, then they try and recast the loan over many more years to try and keep the payment down.

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Thanks for going above and beyond to get this transaction done. You are by far the best title company that I have dealt with in the state. Rest assured, I will be using your services for all of my real estate transactions in the future.
Take Care, Bruce South Florida
Thanks for checking in. Everything went very well and smooth – you have a great team! Look forward to spending lots of time at our new home.
Thanks again - David Orlando, FL

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